1. PO-PIA THOT € 6,50
3 deep-fried spring rolls with chicken, carrots, glass noodles and cabbage
2. PO-PIA TIEE vegetarisch € 6,50
3 deep-fried vegetarian spring rolls with glass noodles, carrots and cabbage
3. THOT MAN PLA pinda € 7,00
4 deep-fried fish cakes with chopped yard-long beans, lime leaves and red curry paste
4. KHANOM PANG NAA KONG sesame € 7,00
4 deep-fried toast filled with minced coriander, garlic, prawns and sesame seed
5. KAI HOR BAI TOEY sesame € 7,50
4 marinated chicken fillets wrapped in pandan leaves
6. SATAY KAI pinda € 6,50
3 grilled chicken satay with peanut sauce
7. MIXED HORS D’OEUVRES sesame pinda € 9,50
Deep-fried spring roll, fish cakes, chicken in pandan leaves, prawn toast and chicken satay
8. POO JA € 11,00
2 stuffed crab with minced prawn, crabmeat, coriander root and garlic


sesame gluten pinda noten vegetarisch licht-pikant pikant zeer-pikant
sesame gluten peanut nuts vegetarian light spicy spicy very spicy