191. ROEM MIT € 7,50
Jack fruit and palm seed slices in coconut milk (crushed ice)
192. KLUAY THOT € 7,50
Fried banana with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
193. KHAO NEOW MA MUANG sesame € 9,50
Mango with sweet sticky rice and grated coconut
194. KLUAY BUAD CHEE sesame € 7,50
Banana with warm coconut milk and sesame seeds
195. COUPE NAGA MIX € 8,00
3 kinds of ice cream: mango, lychee and coconut with whipped cream
196.COUPE NAGA THAI € 9,50
Fresh fruits with strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
197. COUPE DEK DEK (kinderijs) € 5,00
Chocolate ice cream and whipped cream
198. LUUK NGAW KHIAW € 7,00
Thai fruits (rambutan and pineapple) with syrup and crushed ice


sesame gluten pinda noten vegetarisch licht-pikant pikant zeer-pikant
sesame gluten peanut nuts vegetarian light spicy spicy very spicy