Grilled Dishes

40. KOENG YAI PHAO licht-pikant € 25,00
Grilled unpeeled prawns with asparagus, baby corn and garlic in spicy sweet & sour dressing
41. NUA YANG licht-pikant € 23,00
Grilled beef tenderloin in spicy sweet & sour sauce
42. KAI YANG licht-pikant € 18,50
Grilled chicken fillet in spicy sweet chilli sauce
43. THALE YANG licht-pikant € 27,00
Grilled seafood: scallops, seabass fillet, prawn, squid and mussels in spicy sweet & sour sauce
44. GHE YANG € 24,00
Grilled lamb in black pepper sauce


sesame gluten pinda noten vegetarisch licht-pikant pikant zeer-pikant
sesam gluten pinda noten vegetarisch licht pikant pikant zeer pikant