140. KAI NAGA sesame € 17,50
Deep fried crispy boneless chicken thigh in spicy sweet dark soy sauce and vegetables
141. PLA PHAO € 23,50
 Grilled deboned sea bass with crushed garlic, coriander, pepper and lime dressing, served in bamboo
Deep fried prawns in bread crumbs with vegetables in tamarind sauce
143. NUA TA-KHRAI licht-pikant € 20,00
Special marinated grilled beef tenderloin with crushed lemongrass, garlic, red onion and fish sauce
144. LAAB KAI zeer-pikant € 17,00
Spicy minced chicken with chopped coriander, mint leaves and red onion served with lettuce
145. LAAB NUA zeer-pikant € 18,00
Spicy minced beef with coriander, mint leaves and red onion served with lettuce
146. PLA SAM ROT € 22,50
Deep fried deboned sea bream in spicy sweet chilli sauce
147. PLA MAMUANG € 23,00
Deep fried sea bream with red onion, spring onion, mint leaf, mango, red pepper and peanuts
148. NUA SAM ROT noten € 21,00
Stir fried beef slices with pineapples and cashewnuts in sweet chilli sauce
sesame gluten pinda noten vegetarisch licht-pikant pikant zeer-pikant
sesame gluten peanut nuts vegetarian light spicy spicy very spicy