20. SOM TAM zeer-pikant pinda € 13,50
Fresh green papaya salad with cherry tomato, long beans, dried shrimp, garlic and peanuts in sweet and sour lemon juice dressing
21. SOM TAM PHON LAMAI licht-pikant € 11,00
Mixed seasonal fruits salad
22. YUM KAI licht-pikant € 10,00
Salad with shredded chicken, cucumber, tomato and celery in spicy chilli dressing
23. YUM NUA YANG licht-pikant € 17,00
Piquant beef tenderloin salad with cucumber, tomato, celery and spring onion in spicy chilli dressing
24. YUM THALE licht-pikant € 16,50
Salad with prawn, squid and sea bass fillet in spicy chilli dressing
25. YUM PHAK licht-pikant vegetarisch € 9,00
Vegetarian salad with shredded cucumber, mango, carrots, tomato and lettuce in spicy chilli dressing
26. YUM KHAI TOM pinda vegetarisch € 12,00
Salad with hard-boiled egg, cucumber, carrots, cherry tomato, lettuce, onion and fried soybean curd in sweet and sour vinegar dressing with peanut sauce
27. YUM WUNSEN licht-pikant € 13,50
mung beans noodles salad with prawns, minced chicken in spicy chili dressing


sesame gluten pinda noten vegetarisch licht-pikant pikant zeer-pikant
sesame gluten peanut nuts vegetarian light spicy spicy very spicy